American Hung Gar - South Jersey Martial Arts & Self Defense

South Jersey American Hung Gar Training

The purpose of our American Hung Gar training is to develop strong street applicable self-defense abilities while harnessing the resulting physical fitness.

American Hung Gar - South Jersey Martial Arts & Self Defense

Students spend the initial phase of training learning the physical techniques of self defense, and meditative movements known as forms, while conditioning the body and mind for street applicable effect. Drills for practical application are performed with other students. This includes sparring, focus mitt, heavy bag work, and grappling defense.

A syllabus is issued for each level. Advancement requires a solid proficiency in all listed requirements before a test is conducted.

The vast majority of our training is conducted outside in the elements.

We encourage our students to act with honor, respect and compassion, as this is a lifestyle of health and personal development, not just exercise.

The class meets 3 times a week. There is a 4th class where meditation is practiced. All are welcome to attend.

To advance, we maintain the highest standards of excellence. The bar is set very high. Thrive on the challenge, work hard and live Shaolin... American style.

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