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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are often asked about American Hung Gar classes in Burlington County NJ (South Jersey).

Are there any hidden fees?

No. The cost is $100 per month. There are no belt test fees from white to brown belt, or for any advanced degree besides Master/Sifu. There is a one-time fee for the black belt test.

Do women do Kung Fu?

Yes! In fact, women have played an important role in the advancement of American Hung Gar. We have an all-female class designed for the special gifts intrinsic to women.

Will this training help me defend myself against bullying?

Yes. However, it is up to you to work hard and become stronger during the training so you can deal effectively with various kinds of bullies you will encounter in your life.

Are people with medical conditions accepted into the school?

Yes and no. We are not medical professionals. You must notify me of your condition and provide a signed note from your doctor advising that you can train in strenuous martial arts. This note should describe any limitations you have.

At what age do people generally begin American Hung Gar?

The answer depends on the maturity of the student.

Are we a "traditional school"?

Yes and no. We believe in old school hard work and accomplishment. However, we will work hard to refine and improve the system during each generation. There is nothing stagnant in American Hung Gar.

How long will it take me to reach black belt?

That all depends on you. There is no set amount of time.

Is meditation required?

No. It is voluntary and non-religious. However, we do highly recommend meditation, as it has many benefits for martial artists.

How hard is the training?

Every person performs according to their gifts. We share martial arts... How far you go all depends on you.

Are there any scholarships?

Yes. Email Master Joseph for details.

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